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Slimming tea from Happy Detox Tea finds its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is important to remember that what is commonly called " slimming tea " is actually a mixt of different plants and not only tea. The tea comes exclusively from the tea plant and specifically the Camellia Sinensis plant as slimming teas are composed of different medicinal plants and herbs and not just tea (green, white, black, oolong or pu'erh). And this, although the thinness characteristics of teas also exist.

Origin of Chinese slimming teas

Chinese slimming tea is closely related to Traditional Chinese Medicine which is inspired by the old Asian medicine and enhanced by the contributions of modern medicine.

Chinese medicine dates back over 2,500 years and its fundamentals are based on the following pillars:

The use of herbs and medicinal plants
Exercise ( Gigong )

The earliest traces of therapeutic practices date back to the Shang Dynasty ( 14th to 11th century BC ) but it's actually from the 11th century BC that the first medicinal plants are used. Historians find at this period some elements that demonstrate a few dozen herbs and plants whose benefits on health are known. In the 16th century, nearly 1 900 compositions of plants and herbs are identified. At the end of the 20th, more than 12 000.

Chinese slimming teas are coming from herbal medicine

Herbal chinese medicine results in the use of plants and herbs decoctions. The decoction is a method of extracting the active ingredients and/or flavorings by dissolving the plan preparation in boiling water. It applies to different parts of plants : roots, seeds, bark, wood, leaves.

In herbal chinese medicine, in the vast majority of decoctions, it is used between 5 and 20 plants. The objective is to play on the complementarities and synergies between plants and avoid negative side effects.

In our Happy Detox Tea preparations, we use 5 plants for Morning Detox Tea and 7 plants for Evening Slimming Tea.

  These ingredients are listed below with their main benefits :

Morning detox tea

Oolong tea : Reduces appetite and boosts energy
Cassia tora : Improves digestion and burns calories
Lotus leaf : Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns calories
Rhizoma alismatis : Anti-bloating
Gynostemma : Boosts energy

Evening Slimming tea

Crataegus pinnatifida : Improves digestion and burns fats
Poria cocos : Anti-anxiety and natural sleep aid
Orange peel : Improves digestion and anti-anxiety
Cassia tora : Anti-bloating and natural laxative
Lotus leafs : Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns fat
Pogostemon cablin : Reduces cellulite and anti-bloating
Puer tea : Kill toxins
Plants are chosen for their complementarity and according to their characteristics. There are different classifications for these plants.

Classification according to their nature :

Hot, cold, cool, neutral.
The 'cold' plants will for example deal with problems resulting from excess heat in the body while « hot »plants will treat problems causing a cold effect of the body.

Classification according to their taste :

Acre, bitter, sweet, sour or salty.
Each flavor corresponds to a major organ ( "zang" in Traditional Chinese Medicine ) : Kidneys, Heart , Liver, Spleen/Pancreas and lungs.

Classification according to the meridians (specifically based on the meridians association with organs).

Meridians are in Traditional Chinese Medicine the channels through which "vital" energy circulates in the body.
There are 12 meridians in the body in which the medicinal plants can have an effect.

Classification according to specific benefits

For example « fat burner caracteristics » , « draining caracteristics », « anti-cholesterol caracteristics », etc ...


It is based on these classifications that Chinese herbalists and Chinese professors develop the compositions and especially those that you find in the slimming teas and the detox teas provided by Happy Detox Tea.

Are slimming teas effective before summer?

Since 2012, coming from Australia, slimming teas and detox teas are more and more popular and offer what is commonly called today teatox. The latest is French and is named Happy Detox Tea. Happy Detox Tea offers a range of detox and slimming teas issued from 100% natural traditional Chinese medicine.

Sculpt your body with your teatox

Teas are created for Happy Detox Tea by a professor of traditional Chinese medicine

LHappy Detox Tea teas achieve the detox and slimming goals. These infusions are composed of 10 different ingredients known both in traditional Chinese medicine and by European herbalists. We find for example "puerh" tea, used for its detoxifying virtues and "Cassia seeds" recommended to burn fat or the "fruit of the Chinese hawthorn", known for their ability to quickly eliminate fat. The compositions of the teas were created exclusively for Happy Detox Tea with a Chinese professor expert in tea from the city of Xiamen (Fujian). They were thought to their actions in the search for weight loss and detoxification of the body, without neglecting the taste aspects. Depending on the objective, these different teas should be consumed either at wake up time or before going to bed. All ingredients and their characteristics are detailed on our website. Happy Detox Tea offers slimming treatments and detox cures from 2 to 8 weeks.


The teatox Happy Detox Tea come with a full program of exercise and nutrition tips

To ensure the best results on the body, Happy Detox Tea teas are accompanied by a sports exercise programme and nutrition counseling conducted by a professional coach. Sports programs are aimed at both beginners and more experienced customers. They propose, in 15-minute daily sessions, exercises to work the large muscle groups and thus promote muscle tone and vitality while contributing to the strengthening of the body. The e-book Happy Detox Tea also has some of the schemes recognized by nutritionists as the most effective in the search for weight loss and thinness.

Happy Detox Tea

About Happy Detox Tea

Happy Detox Tea was created in 2016 by a tea enthusiast French entrepreneur who started in 2010 to import and distribute Chinese teas from great origins (green teas, white teas, black teas, oolong teas and puher teas) from tea gardens with craft techniques that meet the criteria of organic farming. Convinced of the many benefits of tea on organisms, Happy Detox Tea was developed with the assistance of a Chinese herbalist professor, in order to go further in search of well-being and health through the consumption of teas and infusions. Happy Detox Tea is now composed of an expert team in tea, nutrition and sports coaching but also in customer relationship to provide the best products and services. The expertise in the field of tea enables Happy Detox Tea to provide directly from producers carefully selected to ensure the quality of production but also the taste and flavors of teas and other ingredients, all 100% natural.

Our 9 food tips to lose weight

Listen to your body, give it what it needs to function well while also bringing you pleasure. We invite you to find a balanced diet that is natural, healthy, fresh, simple and good.
Here are some of our recommendations:
  Do not skip meals.
  Think about your day two snacks (10AM and 4PM): fruit and dried fruit.
  Do not wait to be hungry before you eat.
  Quality of products over quantity.
  Check the portion size of your meal and ensure balanced carbs, protein and fat.
  Use oil rich in omega 3 (olive oil, nuts, avocado).
  Do not overcook your vegetables and lose the vitamins.
  Buy and eat seasonal and local products if possible.
  Hydrate yourself : water, tea ( Do not drink too much coffee, no more than three per day)


Mistakes to avoid for a balanced diet

8 rules to follow to guarantee an effective slimming and detox programme with 
Processed food products Fast-food: bugers, fries, chips Soft drinks inc. diet
White sugar and sweets Butter and cheese products flour base
Sunflower and corn oils Alcohol